Teachers are often on their feet and have to use their voices. When you have a difficult class it is hard to not ‘lose your head’ and become angry. When you start to be frustrated and angry and show it, you have lost control of yourself and probably are beginning to lose control of your class. This can be carried over to stress, being up-tight and having voice problems.

The Alexander Technique can help to teach you ease in your standing and sitting, in reading and marking papers so that your back and neck won’t ache and, in learning not to throw your head back to open your mouth, your voice will be there when you need it.

Teachers have an important role to play in our world. They are the people who give knowledge to our children. They should also command respect. If you respect someone it means that you are much more likely to believe what they say and therefore value the knowledge they impart.

Children are great mimics. They copy the way others stand, sit, talk, etc. If, as a teacher, you learn to use yourself well, then this is quite likely to be copied and then you are not helping to perpetuate the bad habits that cause problems.

The Alexander Technique should be taught in all schools. It would help children to learn more effectively and calmly. As they become adults we would then see less back pain, neck pain and stress and we would see adults who would cope well under all situations, happy and efficient, with ease of movement and taking full responsibility for themselves.

“Everyone wants to be right, but no-one stops to consider if their idea of right is right”. F. M. Alexander.