Stop the Pain

Trauma both physical and mental can cause the body to react by contracting instantly. This contraction can stay in the body well after the initial trauma has gone and then it becomes a habit that is integrated into the use of the body.

Our body is marvelous but can be stupid. For example, if we have a pain, the body will often adjust itself until the pain stops. Pain in another area may then start up and again the body will adjust itself. This can go on for years. However, eventually the body becomes tired of adjusting and so ‘for no apparent reason’ we wake up one morning with crippling pain – often it is a back pain. We then set out looking for an instant ‘cure’.

Although many times people are helped by these instant cures, unfortunately they go straight out the door and misuse themselves again not knowing any better. The Alexander Technique teaches people to be responsible for their own health and to look at the source of the pain not just the pain itself.