So your fairy tale day has been chosen. Of course you want to look stunning, dressed in THE most beautiful dress anyone has ever seen and holding an incredibly gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Your shoes will be just right, your hair and your make-up perfect.

Think for a moment how you want to be seen, gliding as you walk to meet your man, with everyone watching. No tripping here, just you in complete control.

Brides’ dresses can be heavy and they are worn for quite a few hours. Shoes often have a higher heel than is normally worn and the larger the bunch of flowers, the heavier they are too.

There are many benefits from having Alexander Technique lessons before this big day. If you start having lessons well before making the final decision on your dress, when the dress is being fitted it will actually fit better, hang better and make you look even more stunning. Obviously the better your ‘posture’ the better the clothes look.

Also with better ‘posture’ you will cope with the weight of the dress and flowers (if this is an issue).

With good ‘posture’ comes confidence and you can walk with grace and assurance.

At the end of your big day, having greeted many people, been kissed, congratulated and posing for dozens of photos, having known how to use yourself well will mean you are not totally exhausted and aching. You are still stunning and running!

The best thing is that having had Alexander lessons the benefits last much, much longer than just this special day. With awareness they can last you your lifetime.

If you decide that Alexander Technique lessons are a great idea for you, then why not suggest them to the rest of the wedding party. It could be the best advice you could give them.